08 грудня 2018

Выпрями спину, скотиняка!

Prostory публикуют первую главу из сказки The story about an Old Fat Girl, ставшей основой для одноименного проекта Алины Клейтман.

Текст сказки, написанной на английском, сопровождает созданная Алиной совместно с Даной Косминой визуализация тотальной инсталляции Дома-музея Старой Толстой Девочки, где посетитель сможет увидеть гигантические артефакты – повседневные предметы обихода Старой Толстой Девочки и ее свиты – Лысого Дядюшки Чмо, Женщины-Разбойника и Взрослой Блондинки.

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and now listen to me, little girl:

I tell you <The story about a Old Fat Girl>.

Some time some were live a Old Fat Girl. Shi has oil grey hair and hole in her home dress through we can see her left breast.

Her spirit was divided to three part and be in body of three skinny ragged cat. They eat only Barley porridge.

And ouwer Old Fat Girl live with the Woman-Robber who be her slave.
Woman-robber mast cook eat for Old Fat Girl all day.
She hate old flat girl bat don't say nothing because Old Fat Girl give to she many to by cigarettes.

Listen to me, little girl:

Old fat girl have a friend, it is a Blonde Grown Girl who work in museum of Nature and carried teensy shoes by John Galliano which led her food bleeding.

And when Old Fat Girl and Blonde Grown Girl drinking coffee from the elephant cups Woman-Robber served for them because they promised that help woman-robber to have work in zoo.

And listen to me, little girl:

That everybody know that when the Old Fat Girl was young she had sex with foreigner and was pregnant after.

Some time when I walking I went another friend the Old Fat Girl, his name is Bald Uncle of Schmuck, and he picked up empty skins from chickens.
He cringed to Old Fat Girl he is her ugly slave.
Some time Old Fat Girl say that Bald Uncle of Schmuck love only her.


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