Happy Fallings

A dramatic reading and presentation of Yevgenia Belorusets’ book, at Podil Bus Station, on Sunday the 4th of November at 18:00 ›››

Prejudice and Aggression are Still Present in Society

A conversation between Ukrainian and Croatian artist took place after Igor Grubić's lecture in the framework of the Visual Culture Research Center project "Kyiv International – '68 Today" at the House of Cinema in Kyiv. ›››

Where Curating Is: Excerpts

Where Curating Is is a collection of essays and interviews with artists dedicated to curatorial practice in Ukraine, above all in the context of self-organizing artistic practices. ›››

To detail darkness

What the exhibition does though, is to raise suspicion about the core of an image, about how far it can be stretched, condensed, twisted, put to pieces – all while staying outwardly intact. ›››

Plans for the Future*

In this text I resort to gross generalizations, based on my observations of Ukrainian culture, which has no future. ›››

Roman Uranjek

Starting from January 1, 2002, the day when the Euro has become the official currency in the European Union, Roman Uranjek drew the first cross intervening on the European currency Euro, commencing the project titled At Least One Cross A Day After 1.1.2002 ›››

Captivation. Statement

Captivation. Statement by Lada Nakonechna and Kateryna Badianova as curators of the Course of Art (an educational program by Method Fund) ›››

Into the dark

Comment on the exhibition of the curatorial collective Hudrada "Into the dark", 24.11.2016 – 15.01.2017, VozdvizhenkaArtsHouse, Vozdvizhenka 32, Kyiv. "Into the dark" - is a collected documentation of performance actions carried out by artists at different times, starting in the 1980s and 1990s, mainly in Ukraine. ›››

Marge Monko. Dear D

We've had our moments but I know you very little, so it's possible that I've mistaken your generosity for something else. If that's so, do you think we could still be friends? ›››